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Chapter 10 start!

Thanks for all the well wishes everyone.  Today we start on Chapter 10.  Its a bit talky but I promise it will finish with a roar.

We’ll put up a sign up for a email list later in the week.  That way you’ll get a notification when my crazy brain crafts the next adventure.



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Donation Goal Not Reached. Now What?

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who donated or bought a book.  You are the people that make doing a project like Walking the Lethe worth while.  Unfortunately there wasn’t quite enough of you to keep us going through this transitory period  in my life.  Now I’m sure if i kept the donations open and asked again for more money we would eventually reach our goal but then I’d have to start all over again and beg for chapter 12 funds.  I had hoped that Walking the Lethe had reached the point where it would be self-sustaining.  Unfortunately I appear to have pushed it out of the nest a bit too early, but it was better to give it a fair chance than pre-measuring the coffin.

So what happens now?

For the moment nothing.  Chapter 10 will be posted as it is mostly finished.We’ll start posting it as soon as the cover is done, probably next week.  However Chapter 11 will not be in production and Adwarr will be moving on to other projects.

At the end of the month we are moving to San Francisco and I will be starting a new job.  Once we’re established (aka, my wife also finds permanent employment) we’ll see if we have funds for making comics again.  I love the medium and definitely wish to return to it.  Although I can’t guarantee that the comic we start will be a resumption of Walking the Lethe.  However, it will be weird. I’m not capable of writing “normal.”

That said, Richard’s story will be told, one way or another.  I am planning on novelizing Walking the Lethe, so I can share the rest of the story with you. To keep up with my next project and/or new news about Walking the Lethe, please keep us in your RSS feed or visit our other website: Fallen Kitten Productions.

Thank you again for your donations and encouragement. Your support means the world to us. All of your donations will help out settling Walking the Lethe accounts, but if you’d like you donation returned please email me.  I’d much rather have your good will than your money.


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