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Issue 2: Page 21



Lucifer Dawnbringer, the Morningstar.
(A refernce most peoplewho have read the bible or played Demon: the Fallen should have understood )

I like your way of mixing mythologies… the Styx was greece if I remember correctly ^^

Aww, how could I miss that one >.<
I am a Demon adn Vampires Player, but played Mage once. If you have an open mind and some scientific knowledge you can drive the ST crazy using the magic system :D

And now that I refreshed my knowledge about Lethe, Mnemosyne and Styx the story becomes clearer.
Nice Job.

Hot Damn, I just love classic mythology. Indeed, the Lethe was the place to be rinsed of memories, so that you could be truly happy, without all those nasty bits Earth keeps tossing at you. Then ther’s he styx, which acts as a border between the 2 worlds. You sir, know your mythology.

Ironically, at least in the Old Testament, “Lucifer” doesn’t even exist. The closest thing is Sammael from the Book of Job, an angel created explicitly to provide a counterpoint to God.

“The Devil” appears only in the New Testament, and the entire concept of Lucifer (bright holy being who fell from grace thanks to arrogance and rebellion) isn’t even Judaic in origin.

That said, the mythology work in this comic so far is awesome – I’ve always liked the idea of the Lethe – and the art feels like it is clinging to my eyes with tiny, black ink-hands to keep me from looking away. Now to read more…

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