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Issue 2 Cover

Sam absolutely blew me away with this cover.  After I saw it for the first time my smile nearly cut my head in half.


Wow… Just wow :o Absolutely amazing cover!! *applause*

Thankew very much! This is probably my favourite of the two. I’d like to do some more in the future maybe, but I think Dan’s already got another artist lined up. I definitely look forward to seeing the new style spin on the characters.

Thanks again!

Really love the art in this comic, the covers are especially beautiful :)
Definately going to be watching for updates!

Thank you both very much. Do swing by Sam’s gallery site if you get the chance (linked to the banner near the top with his name in it). He’s a talented guy. :)

Thanks! High-detail colour digi’s is what I’m used to, and I had alot more time to work on them. It was a welcome period to stretch my colour-wings between the black and whites of each page.

Thanks again!

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