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Issue 1: Page 9

One of my favorite pages.


Wow!!! This is an amazing work of art, sir. You have completely sucked me in. So much, in fact, that I was really sad when I came upon the new page so quickly! I am eagerly awaiting the next piece!

Thanks guys. It’s funny seeing this one. It was done almost a year ago, I think? Looking back I learned so much, and would’ve done so many things different.. Such as making that sky into a texture for other pages, instead of having to repaint it for each instance.

Being one of those self-hating artists, all I see are flaws now-a-days, when glancing through prior work. Still. Glad this page impressed a few people. Onwards and upwards!

Looks like this guy (Richard? right?) has lost his mind as a result of the toss-up with the nice demon lady …

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