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Issue 1: Page 7

Meet two new guys!


A bit of a nitpick, but here in Boston we most certainly are *not* too far north for hurricanes. In fact some of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded have affected New England. The Great Hurricane of 1938 killed nearly a thousand people and caused the equivalent of many $billions in damage – two decades afterwards, its path was still evident from hi-aerial photos. In my lifetime, we’ve had dozens, mostly smaller, but Agnes, in 72, was so devastating that the name has been officially retired from the list given to these storms. More recently, we were hit by big ones in 85 (Gloria) and 91 (Bob).

Also, we can get tornados, usually not huge ones, but every few decades there’s a NE tornadic event that will kill a bunch of people and rip up a bunch of towns/cities.

Is that literally an office set up in the open air on the top of a building? That would be so super cool on nice days/nights … But Boston – that’s far enough north to where they wouldn’t be able to do that for more than a few months, I would think …

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