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Issue 1: Page 19

Funny, she doesn’t look like a demon anymore.

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On an earlier page you did a close-up of Richard’s eyes – I didn’t comment at the time because, well … they were technically beautiful. Flawless eyes – like photographically perfect. Just some of the most gorgeously-drawn eyes I’ve ever seen! But (there’s a but), the emotions you were trying to portray simply weren’t there. But here – on this page? You nailed it – BAM! Not only is this eye drawn to almost photographic perfection, but you somehow managed to capture the emotional impact of him realizing that he apparently just knocked poor ol’ gran’ma on her poor ol’ ass … or DID he? *dun dun DUUUUUN* And why DID he see her as a demon? Let’s find out, shall we? *settles back to see how the story goes*

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