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Issue 1: Page 17

It was a really good party.


I like the details that show up on this page – the cut on the “ghost’s” face, that scary freakin’ whatever-she-is in the last panel … Great stuff. Is this like purgatory, then? Interesting place, in any event.

Wanted to point out that in the first panel the “ghost’s” text should read “… *you’re* alive … sit *your* ass … ” You have your “yours” turned around … Heh. What’s funny is that later on (3rd panel) he uses them again and they are used correctly. At least it amused me. Fun with grammar! Somebody STOP meh! (and yes, I’m amused by the use of an “h” at the end of certain words to denote a strange pronunciation. like “kitteh” for instance. Overall, I’m just rather too easily amused, I think …)

Easiest way to kill you’re your conusion is to reread the sentence using “you are” if it makes sence it’s you’re.

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