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Chapter 9: Page 8



I’m really enjoying this story, and don’t want to be a noodge, but… if this scene is supposed to be taking place in Boston, the emergency response would be *way* more significant and organized.

I’m not a rah-rah fanboy for the BPD/BFD, but this just isn’t the way things are done here. This city is primed for hard-core emergency response – surely you remember the ridiculous over-reaction to the Mooninite signs a few years ago?

By the time the dust had settled, there would be dozens of vehicles on scene and a strong perimeter established to keep back the inevitable crowds. You wouldn’t have random firemen walking over rubble fields turning pieces of debris over, they wouldn’t be on a bomb scene without ventilators, they wouldn’t be talking on cellphones, and traumatized victims would not be thrown into the back of police wagons – the firemen would be dealing with them, not the cops. There would be *far* more medical response personell. Media would be on scene almost immediately.

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