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Chapter 9: Page 3

So there!


Ante-penultimate panel: “Their”;
Penultimate panel: “Disagreements”.

Other than that, I really hope the story shows exactly how much power Utos has. I mean, there he goes arguing with angel-mountains and accusing Gabe like it’s business as usual.

Unless it’s in the form of a flashback, we’re really not going to see it because his “True” power requires the artifacts of his office, removal of which ends the age.

To which Gabe will probably promptly reply that it was actually “the nameless” who released her.

And yeah, I can see how Utos doesn’t really have many friends in heaven if he’s responsible for it being “poor (in souls)”. What I really like is that nobody’s motivations are really clear. Does Utos really want to give free will a chance or is this, deep down, about Astria (or possibly something else yet)? Are the archangels honest or is it just about their power struggle with other realms? How bad are things in heaven really (I take it Utos hasn’t been home in a while)? What will Richard do once/if he faces Catherine? What will Catherine say if she faces Richard? Questions, so many questions…

Find out on next weeks frilling edition of ‘Walking the Lethe’! :p

Ah, now I am really eager to see Utos and Gabes falling out pan out. ;)

ANd Utos Powers explained. What Token did he invest into what Pagan Power?


“Places that should have faded from existence now thrive with the force of stolen souls.”

I hope WtL isn’t going to go with the whole ‘the belief of mortals shape the nature and existence of the spiritual universe’ trope. It gets used way too often and it’s honestly sort of silly to have the whole of existence revolve around what humans want to be true.

Kinda brings to question who came first? The mortal or the gods, if gods can not exist without mortals belief or faith. :p

Think I understand what you mean and while that trope, in good hands, can be a decent read it is overly common.

Though I think WtL has established itself as humans are the pawns and the currency (or were until Utos gave them a kind of “freedom” with some influence, but none so much that it could not be ‘over ruled’.

Maybe that’s the same trope or same trope family, not really up on the trope/genera speak.

The ‘mortal belief created the gods’ is a pretty modern concept as far as I can tell. In pretty much all mythology humans are either the direct creation of God/the gods or at least the result or by-product of creating something else.

But yeah, humans seem more like the pawns in the WtL universe rather than the prime movers of all things supernatural. After all, if so many humans stopped believing due to the present age of reason wouldn’t more of the spiritual realm have faded away? Wouldn’t taking a hands-off approach be paramount to existential suicide on the part of supernatural beings?

‘s why that sort of explanation wouldn’t sit well with me in this case. It works for some settings, but in this one it would be somewhat contrived.

So here’s to hoping that the spiritual world in WtL simply is and doesn’t care whether or not humans think about it =P

I think I could literally hear the shit hitting the fan when Utos spoke in the last panel… His life is not getting easier is it?

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