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Chapter 9: Page 24

Last page of chapter 9.  No Richard won’t go.


Ah, called it. Almost Dune_Style Riding.
On a sidenote: “her” Legs look more catlike in that pic. Changing AGAIN?

ARGH! Anakha beat me to the Dune/Sandworm comment! While I liked the comic relief the last few pages gave, I’m looking forward to getting back to the horror/action. How chibi-Pride will fit into the action scenes in her current diminuative state is a puzzle.

K: She’s small, but she’s wiley. She’ll get into places you didn’t know you had.

J: Eww!

Once man could be subconsciously using a “need defines form” ability. Nice round hooves are good for standing around but not much for speed. Whereas the legs/feet on this page with the legs and clawed paws were built for running – Just ask any of the big cats

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