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Chapter 9: Page 23



“So, those aren`t shoes…”
Oh god, that one made me laugh far too loud for work 8where I read it).
Loved it.

But now it seems the Leviathan is leaving, and they want to “jump” it and use it as a ride.
Too bad they do not have any hooks, to ride it Dune Style….;)

Loving Richette’s form in the last two panels. Looks like s/he is dancing a weird jig. And no more nekkid Richette. Which I am rather thankful of.

“So…those aren’t shoes.”
“Very true, mistress.”

The ‘Duh.’ is implied there. Politely. XD

I was wondering how long it would that ‘Rich’ to notice the changes. Seems sorta casual about it, no? (“these aren’t shoes”)

Hm. I know people who have gone the transgender route, and one of the things they’ve commented on — both ways — is they’ve described the experience as “remedial puberty”; the hormone treatments cause noticeable psychological shifts as well as physical ones, and it takes a while for that to settle down.

We don’t know how deep Rich’s transformation has gone, but at some point I wouldn’t be surprised if _he_ is surprised by some emotional overreactions.

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