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Chapter 9: Page 22

Richard isn’t sure about that…


Oh, yes, Richie.
Better get used to be seen as something female.

“Who sent you?”
“… have yet no particular desire to be assoiated with you.”
I must try to remember that line. :D

That page was absolutely hilarious.
Loved it, especially the last panel, though Rich STILL looks both too old and to masculine (or rather androgynous) facewise.

I hope we see more of Petos. He seems like the kind of bumbling yet well-intentioned demonic minion everyone wanted as a kid.

…or was that just me?

Hm. I wonder whether Petos thinks of this as addressing “Astria’s daughter”, or a fragment of Astria herself… and just what kinds of potentials his sponsors are seeing.

I finally made it through the archive. What a journey. On my way I took notice of a few typos, and even saw mention of a “great typo hunt of 2011″. But since the typo on page 12 of chapter 5 wasn’t fixed when I passed through, I take it that great hunt missed it. Oh well, here are my contributions:
existance -> existence (panel 2)
viens -> veins (last panel)
thier -> their (panel 3)
disargeements -> disagreements (panel 4)

I had a feeling this comic would be good from all the ads I’ve seen. But I think it was actually quite a bit better than I expected. Thanks for making it and sharing it! :-)

Curiosity, Dan: Do you have a sense of how many chapters remain in the story? (I’m not necessarily asking for a number; just occurred to me to wonder where we are in the arc… or indeed whether the characters have been rewriting the story and doing things you didn’t expect.)

The story is supposed to be six volumes, four chapters each. Two each for Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. Chapter 9 is the start of the Purgatory arc.

Ah. So we’re in act 2, scene 1-ish.

Hope you get the support needed to see it through to completion.

I’ve got this nagging hunch about how the story will eventually end — a certain 50′s SF short story keeps coming back to mind — but I’m trying not to voice it. And I suspect you’ll surprise me.

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