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Chapter 9: Page 20



Wonderful art and story arc as always, but … maybe I am being a little dim, but why do we have a baby leviathan ? This was the thing that munched through a tower block, several angels and demons … now it has what ? Shrunk in the wash ?

Cute though – love it as a pet :-) ~

Either that, or once man is now not only a female demoness but a female GIANT demoness. ^^

Also: Soo, the butterfly stole energy from the Leviathan and uses it to revive Richie? Hmmm…..

I’m not really sure if that “tear” really was stolen …

I more get the feeling that the Leviathan has it own interest. Whatever that may be.

Waiting for the next update, really strains my patience. ;)

If “Once man” is now a GIANT demoness, then that is one HUGE butterfly.

poor richard…now he’s completely changed…

interesting transformation for the husk to undergo…

I’m not so sure that he is “completely changed.” After all there are the chance for wings or other such things. I don’t know why I though about it but when he hits PMS EVERY ONE DUCK AND COVER!!!!

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