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Chapter 9: Page 2

Oh really now?


The question, I suppose, is whether the suffering was any less when the presence of the supernal and infernal were more . . . explicitly felt among the mortals.

Because unless humans had the reasonably available opportunity to ascend (or fall), the current era does a better of empowering us, that’s for certain.

I think one of the big issues is how does the heaven VS hell (and possibly Creation) backstory look like in the letheverse. What are the angels’ motivation in the big scheme of things.

Also, I wonder where exactly does Utos stand in the hierarchy. I mean, at first I thought he was just a sort of “housekeeper” for this era but it is reasonable that they wouldn’t leave a duty like that to some errand boy, now it seems that what we’ve seen of Utos so far is probably just a fraction of his power.

And one final point: “Look at all they have done without us!” What one of them has done is all but bring your precious era down…

Who I agree with depends entirely on when Utos’ age began. Does Utos’ era start with the enlightenment? Or maybe the renaissance. Or is it, like, the discovery of agriculture or fire or something? My guess would be the enlightnment.

hmmm, My answer is. No, we’ve had less suffering. Far far less suffering. But I take the long view of history and eras.

And now even after the betrayal of the last chapter, I am 100% behind Utos again. Because seriously, f*ck mysticism; we are THIS close to having jetpacks.

OOOOH! I just love alternate christianesque theologies! I can’t wait until we figure out how this thing really works!

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