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Chapter 9: Page 18

Poor il’ Demon is sad.


Correction: “thrid sister” should be “third sister”.

Other than that, fantastic as usual. :)

Poor Pride. She really has lost a lot of herself… more than I would have expected.

Though I must admit I’m still confused about _what_ bit her previous incarnation in half. Did I miss something, or are we still waiting for a reveal?

I’ll fix the typo today. As for what bit pride in half:

Pride’s domain was in the top portion of the building.

Ah. Had to cast my memory back a ways, but that’s believable. Not at all obvious without the explanation, though; if/when this goes into book form you may want to work in a bit more dialog or another frame or three to re-establish that context.

Re: Techno: Thats not a bad point. That transition is a bit rough, I had thought it be clear where they were but a little meanwhile box might be in order, just a question of how to squeeze it in.

As I noted back on the other page, the start of this sequence has an odd collision of the sins, Johnny in the distance (which is confusing since there’s no previously established connection between hell and the towers), and building wreckage (which I first assumed was more hospital rubble, having largely forgotten the damage to the towers).

Not quite sure how best to fix that, but I think if you can straighten out that one page (may require dialog changes, may require another page to make the transition clearer, may require a fix back in hell to put the damaged towers more visibly in the distance and give us a bridge between them…)

You’re the expert; I trust you’ll do something reasonable.

Remember, we wouldn’t grumble if we didn’t care — and the fact that it’s taken me this long to find something I really think needs editing is testimony to how well you folks have been holding it all together!

Maybe just add “Leviathan” to Ignorance’s line “bit the bitch clean in half!”? Or would that interfere with her voice too much?

This is the last comic I expected to find such cuteness. A little comic relief is a nice change from the usual stomach churning doom and gloom.

I just love the idea of the chibi sins. Adwarr has designed the main cast as a Chibi rock band. Its in the wall paper pack.

Ah, so thats what happened.
And I agree, adoringly cute. Which means she should get back “to the top” soon enough. ^^

So how is that pride if she was just picking up babies a few pages back and the rock the nun kicked is the one that hit him on the head?

That was Astria. Re-read the comic from the start. It’s what I did when I lost track of who’s who.
Sometimes below the comic is helpful info in the form of ‘Featuring: etc”

Love the Dante’s Inferno reference with the sisters. Although, I was lost as well when it came to what bit Pride in half.

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