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Chapter 9: Page 16

Read Johnny’s line in a high and squeaky voice for best results.  (Gah, sorry for lateness.  Gotta rebuild the lettering buffer.)


Right on! Ignorance and Malice are back! Now we just need Pride and then we have a Trifecta! Can’t wait for Pride to finally take Rich down a peg or two.

The offscreen “Insolent Whelps!” leads me to believe her top half is still around and doesn’t like being called a Bitch.


awesome comic! glad i stumbled upon it. really interesting, intelligent, and original. hope it continues :) definitely buying the printed books :)

As noted a few pages earlier: Especially with Rich in the same frame, and with the long delay, and the fact that it’s suddenly an outside shot due to the damage, it’s hard for the reader to recognize this as the rubble of the bitten-off towers. It’s a very interesting transition and it says a lot about how your realms/sets are connected, but it’s far from obvious; my first reaction was “what are any of them doing at the bomb site”. I think that’s worth fixing before you go to permanent publication.

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