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Chapter 9: Page 14

Johnny has a new friend!


I think I speak for many if I saay: “Huh?”

You mean aside from him not “Smelling right”, the little ones chattering about Charon being ticked because noone is paying their oboli, and him generally being in hell (he`s not that evil, methinks, + he did his part earlier on, enough to at least land in purgatory or your equivalent)?
Nothing. ^^

Still, the whole page exudes this feeling of intentional “huh”ness. Mabe thats just me though….

So the styx is dried up…and Johnny isn’t damned, just lost, according to “Z’alx”. So now the question is, why is Johnny in the underworld, and beside the styx.

May be well out there, but couldn’t be to retrieve a certain soul, could it?

Ooh. Hadn’t occurred to me that this might be the right place to look for certain other players in the game.

Hmmmm. I need to go back and check… YES. “You can go to her, Richard. You can bring her back. Is that what you want?” Astria said nothing about where he needed to go and what he needed to do to achieve that. If anything, it’s _Utos_ who pointed them in the wrong direction for their quest. Back to the question of who’s playing what game how honestly… Nice.

I do like “pretty river all gone”. No reason Hell shouldn’t change over time, especially given that the dominant vision of it has changed so much over that time.

If you look at the previous page there is a river there. Anyone want to take a guess at which one it is and why there is barbed wire around it?

I don’t see the barbed wire, but if the Styx is dried up, makes sense to try and keep the damned from getting out.

You mean the one floating away in that barbed wire spell (Dresden Files anyone? ^^)? if its NOT the Styx being carried away then…Lethe maybe?

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