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Chapter 9: Page 12

Oh yeah. ┬áThere’s an old friend.


hmmm … stone bumps off.
Oh … the dead walk the earth and it wasn’t Astria. O.o
Utos your age is at an end anyway.
(If this world correlates with those predictions, that is.)
*evil grin*

Now that was the second totally unexpected event in 2 updates!
Love it (and yes, Ageending eminent, lock your Bombshelters!).

One of the babies is missing.

Astria took 3, Mary’s got 1, where’s the fifth one Mr. Done rescued? Still on the ground?

Is Astria teleporting?

It occurs to me that Johnny might just be the archangels’ agent now.

As harebrained as this theory is, it also sounds totally awesome to me.

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