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Chapter 9: page 11

The word is given.  Sorry for the lateness.


What the… Even with the promise “I will do them no harm,” why trust Astrea? She could easily get around the promise by commanding someone else to harm them.

At the very least, Mary could call the EMTs over and ask THEM to take the babies.

Why trust her? Well, if you understand her motivations well enough… and Mr. Done apparently does, which makes me wonder just how long he’s been working for Utos… you should be able to make a pretty good guess about when it is and isn’t safe.

Why trust any of us, after all? Why trust me? Why trust _yourself_ not to change your mind or get distracted or be careless a moment hence?

As I’ve said before, I don’t think Astria is evil incarnate. Amoral, certainly. Immoral, probably. On the other hand, Utos certainly saw/sees something in her beyond that, and Done may know something about that too.

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