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Chapter 9: Page 1

Its a fair court?


I take it those are the other archangels (and not, say the thrones) and the empty chair is probably Gabe’s. I have so many theories right now… Are they simply too high on the limitless forgiveness thing or is there something deeper going on here? It could be a “it all stays in the family” thing, they may be in on the whole thing, or maybe Gabriel got some sort of hold over them when nobody, Utos in particular, was looking?

Regardless of the reasons I don’t think Utos is going to get in their good graces in his upcoming panels…

Speaking of forgiveness, Utos. You’re going to be asking for some real soon. Considering that you LIED to “once man” and tried to murder him/her/it. You are also indirectly responsible for those souls that were lost in the Lethe.

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