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Chapter 8: Page 27

Not good!  Not Good!  (one more page to go!)


In case of a sudden loss of cabin pressure…bet Rich wished he listened to the pre-flight safety announcement.

There is something that I really like about this whole sequence, it shows the scale of the stuff that Rich is dealing here with. Sure, Utos may be an angel but obviously he is cut of from most of his power/aspect and probably didn’t even use a lot of what he has at his disposal because you know “the age of man” and all that. Even the three sisters of sin pretty much just roughed Rich up. Here the stuff he does really doesn’t account for that much, he’s facing some great powers that are, in addition, in their element, it’ll be really interesting to see how he handles things from here on and what tricks will be necessary to get him out of all of this…

Side observation: “Stop her” — Since the angels seem to agree on that pronoun, I think we can assume that it is biologically correct. (Rich hasn’t exactly shared that detail with the rest of us.)

I suspect the recent shape-changes nailed it down pretty thoroughly, if it wasn’t settled before.

As Inspector Clouseau would say, “Ah, the old vanishing chariot ploy.”

To which one would reply, “Indeed. Now let’s see how you handle the the old Loony Tunes freefall sequence.”

Love the way Gabriel barely seems to bother turning around in the top panels.

Though it could suggest that he wouldn’t have cared if “she” actually got away.

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