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Chapter 8: Page 25

Gabe is gunna fix your wagon now.


Hmmm, wonder what the Artefacts of his office may be?
An Abakus? The Wall Street Journal? ;)

Maybe the NEW YORK TIMES, it has been named the “bible of liberalism.”

Looks like Johny and “once man” got while the getting was good. SMART!

Given that he’s the angel of profit, the WSG seems more likely. (And he doesn’t strike me as especially liberal. Or conservative. Those concepts are outside his remit.)

Getting out may not be a bad idea — if you know how to fly one of those things and have any least idea where you’re going. Oh well, Johnny at least knows his way around horsepower…

Hm. Given the phrasing, it sounds like the “artifacts of office” can’t actually be retrieved without ending the era. Interesting legalistic point if so. Though it looks like the boys may not see how this tribunal turns out, unless they get tracked down and hauled in as witnesses.

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