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Chapter 8: Page 23

Utos Preaches his word.


Hmmm, Utos is getting less and less likeable and more …. shallw e say “hard” in a rather often used “heavenish” way by the minute.
I liked him better when he was more ambigous, personally……

Umm, ok. This has gone from “unpleasant” to “assholeish.”

It would have been far, far better for all involved if Utos had taken Richard DIRECTLY to Catherine.

Maybe, maybe not. We don’t know where she is, she may be beyond his reach. Even if she were in heaven the host may be displeased if Utos just walked a mortal stinking of demonkind to the front gates (we’ve seen how those guys on the towers reacted).What’s more I don’t honestly see why Utos should really care about Richard’s sense of entitlement to see his dead wife? Lots of people would want to meet their dearly departed so why should Richard be special? The only reason any of the powers is paying attention to him is because he’s connected to the whole “demon running loose and also end of an era” thing. I don’t recall us being told that Rich achieving his goal actually solves any of these (which, in retrospect, should have made it obvious that Utos was not the helping hand he pretended to be).

Now that cover is blown, next on to do list… Find a way of getting rid of Richard in a way that won’t activate the protection placed upon him/her.

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