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Chapter 8: Page 21

And here’s Utos! Now its a PAR-TE!


“Sullied this place with violence,” look who’s talking. And I’d say there’s been a bit too much of fear and begging on Rich’s mom side here, I know Gabriel generally isn’t the gentlest voice in the choir but still, smells a bit too much of “this is a place of happiness so for your own sake you’d better be happy.” I am also damn curious who/what God is in the Letheverse and already have some wild theories regarding Gabe’s agenda… gah, it should update every day, twice a week is so frustrating XD

Blast it all, I really wanted to know what Gabe had to say. Utos MUST have a death wish challenging Gabe like that.


Couldn’t Utos have just opened the door like a normal person instead of smashing through it?

At this point? Where would be the fun in that? And damn… They’re lucky thats not god (or whatever) afterall.

It’s a timber frame building that’s basically been smacked sideways by a seraph. Every angle and frame will be distorted, every door and window jammed. Utos might actually have turned the handle, but would not then have been even vaguely impeded by the inability of the door to open normally. He was going to make a dramatic entrance through it whether he wanted to or not.

It is still cool though. Boom, Baby! >:=)>

Well… Gabriel isn’t a seraph.

He’s in charge of them though. At least if the Book of Enoch is to be believed.

Heh… Amusingly enough Gabriel isn’t a terribly showy being. When he showed up to chat with Daniel he just looked like some guy while another (unnamed) angel was doing the whole ‘countenance of lightning and eyes of fire’ thing.

Utos. Chellenging Gabriel.
Who (and what) was he before his fall, one wonders?
And does he realize that he aint so tough now?
And that maybe, just maybe, pulling loopholes on the Archangel of Vengeance (and Mercy, granted) and prime Messenger of God is a bad idea?

Probably not.

I get the definite impression that this sort of insubordination and legalistic wrangling is what got Utos into his current position/condition.

On the other hand, we don’t know what Gabriel had in mind when he freed Astria. He may well have been setting up exactly this situation. He said he had seen enough and that they should knock it off, not that he was displeased with the fact that the boys had gotten this far…

I’m just a talented amateur, but I do believe there are a few angels, mentioned in apocrypha (think of it as the non-canon of the bible) who are ranked higher then Michael in the Hierarchy of Heaven.

The possibility of one of them having fell from grace does not bode well.

If I remember right (and its been a very long time since I read some of those, back in school) it depends heavily on WHEN you make that ranking. And if it was in peace or War.
And not just regarding the Good Old Morningstar.
And yes, that would be…..problematic. Still, Utos does not ring a bell……hmmm….

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