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Chapter 8: Page 2

All the Astria you ever wanted.


Just some typos/etc: “an uppity rivers”? Should be “river” (SINGULAR)?

For the last frame its hard to tell which line is first. I suspect it should be “Yes, let’s get down to the business at hand”…”Where you…” and not the other way around.
I think the bubble placement might need to be the other way (first line above second). Though that does cover the art. :(

I agree about the bubble. Though it would go on the expence of Astria’s wings it is better to find a solution where the reader doesn’t get confused by the position of the bubbles. Confusion, no matter how little, is potentially immersion breaking.

On a different note, I like where you’re going with the plot. Utos is gradually losing control of the situation. Whatever will he do now..?

Typoes and bubbles fixed. Still not entirely happy with bubble placement but you should be able to bask in my brillance without interruption now. ;)

Loosing control? No, he is realizing he never HAD any form of real control. ;)

I like this strip (aside from the typo) a lot.

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