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Chapter 8: Page 19

Sad Richard face.

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Wow. Looks like Malice and her fetus were right.
Also Johnny’s text bubble coming from his throat. Hilarious.
I hope he gets better, it won’t be as fun without him.

You know you’ve stepped over the line when your mother uses your full name…

I get the feeling this isn’t the first time Mom has had to mediate a fight between the boys… and that she’s been here long enough to know that the damage, while it looks bad, is more on the order of a bloody nose than anything serious.

Somewhere in here, Richard seems to have picked up a tail. I’m sorta expecting that he’s going to be stuck with that reminder despite morphing back to more human form as he calms down.

Richard’s look will stabilize a bit in chapter nine. Adwarr’s come up with a really nice character design for her. I can’t wait for you all to see!

Just found this a few hours ago and did an archive dive. Must say very interesting!

I can’t help but be curious though. Richie isn’t turning into a demon. Only angels do that after all. So that leads to the obvious question ‘what is s/he?’

Obvious answer is nephilim. *nodnod*

Heck it’s even animal instinct to listen to the alpha, I can understand why he would have come too, very nice. Good Art as always.

Too bad about the cliffhanger, I must know what happens!

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