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Chapter 8: page 18

Somebody might wand to hand Johnny a shovel. He’s going all the way to China.


Uhuh, seems Richie lost it.
And turned from strange but still somewhat attractive Demoness-in-the-making to a crossover between a Lion, a Sabretooth Cat, a rat and a Dog. With hooves.
Talk about a downward spiral. ;)

Btw, in case I mention it too infrequently, the art is once again superb.

Looks like Johnny believes in getting it all out in the open at once, on the theory that Rich is already as angry as he’s every going to get… Might work, too, given that he’s already dead and Rich is going after him physically.

I waved my wand, but no shovel appeared ;-)
Then again, Johnny seems to be digging just fine without one.
Read just now you are leaving the Holland, and you were in Maastricht no less, above sea level, a lot of people not only speaking English but French as well.. How cosmopolitan do you want it?

BTW, I’m amused by the “You were her dog” while Rich is in bestial form. I wonder whether Johnny would have used that exact analogy otherwise…

I’m also wondering how much of this latest shape-change Rich is going to be stuck with after he calms down.

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