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Chapter 8: Page 16

Honesty is the best policy?


I can see Johnny’s problem. It’s not easy to phrase “Sorry I killed your wife,” In a way that doesn’t offend.

Especially if you didn’t mean to, and then covered it up…

That’s one of those lies that just gets more awkward to fess up to the longer you wait…

Well, confession is supposed to be good for the soul. Whether being confessed _to_ does Rich any good may be … interesting, given that he’s been such a monomaniac about reuniting with her.

I wonder whether wearing a part-demon body is going to turn out to be useful, given where he might try to go looking for her next.

Paging Orpheus…

Being force fed the memory of his wife’s murder because the murderer was magically compelled not to speak about her. NICE. Karma is a bitch ain’t it.

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