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Chapter 8: Page 15

There is no undo.


I don’t think Cath really meant to shoot Johnny. I don’t think Johnny meant to bash her head in (but the reaction is understandable after getting shot). This is an extreme example of how bad ideas start to spin out of control.

This all does tell us something about why Johnny has gone along on this ride even though he knows darned well Cath wasn’t quite as pure as Richard wants to believe. He feels he owes Rich for having let it get out of hand.

Though I think he was actually trying to help Richard, and maybe Cath, by persuading her to come clean and apologize rather than have Richard get the information second- or third-hand.

Unfortunately, the more complicated a situation, the more ways it can go wrong…

Well, now Rich is going to know who killed Cath, will that end his quest? Or is he going to have to find Cath and have her spurn him personally?

Hmmm……..doesn’t the new Rich look an awful lot like the old Cath? This could be an interesting way for the Demon to fulfill the bargain.

This was not actually intentional. Adwarr and I have have been working very hard to give Richard her own look in Chapter 9. The sheer volume of concept art we’ve produced for it is pretty impressive.

OK, that Johnny had something to do with Cathy`s Death, I guessed a while ago. But that it actually was him, directly, and alone, who killed her, whew….intense stuff.
And as usual well done!

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