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Chapter 8: Page 13

Time to tell the tale.


Huh… anyone here who can give me a synonym for the word “to level with someone”? I mean, I always thought my English is pretty good, and I had no problems to follow the comic so far (which is quite brilliant, by the way; the comic, not me not having problems), but here I am and although I think I know what it means, I’d like to know it for sure. ^_^

Really like how Johnnys face is kept in the dark the whole time. Gives him something… weasle-like.

Interesting. More evidence that Cathy is not what Rich thinks she is.

Fourth panel. I think it should be “scrawny” not “scrawy”.

Johny also seems to be missing his commas when addressing Cath. Well, now we know how and why Johny died. We also have a hint as to why Rich is now wearing a girl’s face. It looks so much like Cath’s.

“level with” — idiomatic for be honest with, explain to, disclose to. Related to “on the level”, which is idiom for honest or fair.

@ Azure – Good point on the the facial resembalence. I didn’t notice until you pointed it out.

Wow, well worth the wait so far. VERY tense.
And yes, back from the internetless Holiday. :)

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