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Chapter 8: Page 1

So much for that knock knock joke.


Invited he says? Could it be someone on the heaven’s side also misses the ability to walk the Earth freely giving people some direct nudges in the right direction rather than waiting and hoping the whole free will thing and hands off approach work out in the end?

Well, on the one hand I can see how pretty much everything we consider our civilization is based on the constraints that he’s trying to maintain. Angels and demons dishing it out in the streets and dealing with mortals personally (I assume that once they can come and go as they please mortals are basically free game for stuff like what happened to lady lawyer a few pages back) is pretty much the apocalypse, fact that we are hundreds or thousands of years behind on our occult skills doesn’t work in our favour either.

On the other hand: Dude! Magic!

Plus, to be perfectly honest, Utos doesn’t really strike me as a trustworthy type anymore. Makes me wonder what “but” in fine print is hidden under the “we let the mortals run the place themselves now” deal.

Hey, the four “guardians” at the top of the “World Trade Towers” wanted to end Utos’ age too. They were even willing to kill “once man” to do it. Ofc, it backfired when Leviathan ate them.

Any info when the second book will appear? I would like to order both at the same time if possible, to save some freight money! :)

I’ve got some time blocked out next week for doing the Book Two layout and cover design. If all goes well (and Amazon’s proofing process doesn’t take too long), we’re shooting for a pre-Xmas release.

Hm. Astra seems to be looking less feminine than she was, even in this form. Just hope Rich doesn’t end up with the toothed belly… though I don’t know whether he has checked his gender recently.

This brings up an interesting question: Is Astria using Rich as something of a trojan horse? Send him on a path she can’t travel, while progressively exchanging their identities until he winds up back on earth and she winds up somewhere she couldn’t get to otherwise?

When Rich starts developing wings, I’ll start getting really worried.

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