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Chapter 7: Page 7



Huh….. color me confused.
Does this imply Utos was/is a demon? A hint towards Richs new self? Or something else entirely?

His feet touch the ground. Pretty good indication that he’s not an angel anymore.

I think Utos is just making stuff up so he doesn’t have to get into that rickety, unseaworthy, little boat.

I kinda think that it’s a warning. Richard’s friend there is who’s been taking care of him, so who better to remind him of his promises once he’s changed fully?..

Hmm. I have three theories, two of which have been mentioned. One is that what Utos said also applies to angels in some way or another and for this reason he cannot go. Second is that the oathbreaking thing is passing onto Richard along with other demonic features and it is a warning. Both of these are pretty likely.

But here’s a third idea, though it’s a pretty long shot. Did Astria actually get herself into a binding oath when she took Richard’s form and sent him on a quest for Catherine? In other words, could Utos be trying to make it so she has to break the terms of this compact in some way (I imagine it’s not as simple as stopping Richard’s quest, though Utos is aware that the man is rather determined and that his protection works)? According to what he said if she did she’d have to enter heaven’s service for a time (Whose service specifically? We have seen that the heavenly host is not exactly speaking with one voice) at which point she could probably be forced to step back to her own plane sealing the crack behind her thus saving Utos’ precious non-magical era…

I’d have to go with the last one. It kinda looks like Utos is trying to get Astria to go back on her deal with Richard.

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