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Chapter 7: Page 6

Its a nifty boat.


Nitpick: OK, you didn’t quite clip the first panel from the last; there are some subtle differences other than addition of the boat and removal of the fog. I’d still have liked to see a bit more shift in pose, reacting to the boat’s invocation.

Well, the only one to react is Johnny, since Utos and Giz both know exactly what’s happening, and he goes from looking about to staring at the boat.

Granted. Even so: Utos has just thrown the boat into the water; I would expect a bit more change in his posture between first and last frame. And Giz’s hand-over-belly pose is not one I’d expect him to hold unchanged — not unless the boat snapped into existance faster than the intermediate frames suggest. (Or unless he’s carrying something/someone, which I can’t tell from this distance.)

Yeah, it’s possible. As I said, this is a nitpick.

I wondered at Giz’s pose too, but it looks like he’s holding Richard in the first panel, so it’s understandable. (Although it might have been changed since it was originally posted, since I’m seeing it a day later than you…)

The reason the first panel and the last panel look so different is that the last panel is a pulled out and wider view of the scene. Therefore I personally don’t see any problems in between the two panels.

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