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Chapter 7: Page 3

Goes about as well as you would expect.  Giz is a big un.


Oh, and since youc annot edit your comments: Daughter of the firts. Muhahahaha…..:D

Well, it does imply a “real” as well as a metaphorical …. kinship between him and “The First”. Which may be someone other than Lucifer in your comic, Astria namely. Though, seeing the general quality of the plot so fa, they may very well be one and the same/facets of each other….
So yeah, confused and liking it. :)

Every time I see Richard’s new look, I have David Bowie’s song Changes running through my head. I love his final comments. “I just want her back,”. Be careful what you wish for, Richard…

For all her faults, she was Richard’s wife. He was hers and she was his. Some men take that very seriously. If he doesn’t care for her, who will? It doesn’t seem like anyone other than Richard cares for her much. Also, I have to wonder in what ways Richard may have wronged her. A messed up marriage is almost always a two-party problem, not a case of one good guy and one bad guy. Guilt, pride, love, all that stuff can get mighty tangled up in human relationships. It will be interesting to see where this goes, how much more we don’t know.

“[P]ride is a wonderful, terrible thing, a seed that bears two vines, life and death.” — James Hurst, _The Scarlet Ibis_

Hmm, I wonder what kind of “artistic license” Astria is taking with Richard’s form? Is it just demonic features and an apparent change of sex, or is it more? Is it possible that Astria may be turning Richard into a twisted image of Catherine in order to torment him?

I’m thinking ‘daughter of the first’ may refer to the fact that rich ‘murdered’ his wife by causing the chain of events. Since we were told giz is ‘the first murderer’ a few pages back

To be fair, I probably would take that chance too. The faults we most condemn are often those we see in ourselves. Fortunately, wrath is not one of my cardinal sins, so I probably wouldn’t be in this situation to start with. :P

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