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Chapter 7: Page 27

And thats the end of Chapter 7!  Hope you enjoyed the ride!


Huh, so the babies lifted them above the temple-alike thing?
Strange, didn`t look that way at all.

Also: Richs “Joy” might be rather shortlived if the story follows the pattern…..

Rich: Catherine, I’m here!
Catherine: I’m sorry, who are you?
Rich: I’m Richard!
Catherine: Yeah. Right. Listen sister, you look “so” much like him.

I am really curious what will come next. My best guess would be that Utos is making a beeline towards Astria in order to deal with her as soon as possible… If I’m correct that meeting will be pretty interesting to witness. Also, far as we know Utos’ plan never really went beyond “Richard dies on the boat” I get the feeling there are a lot of beings who won’t be happy to see him where he’s going…

I’m curious which of them screamed the whole way down. I love how Rich is going “Woohoo!” once they land it. :P Johnny seems rightly incredulous as to their surviving that, too. Very fun dialog, thank you. :)

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