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Chapter 7: Page 26

To be fair, I’d be a little confused myself.


To be fair, I can’t figure out what they did either. Though it seems to have worked.

Well so much for those guys getting another chance and being reborn latter.
Unless- they are like House Elves and their obligation to the task at hand overides being unmade? Or something….. I don’t think so.

Yep, a little confusing picturewise here.
Athmosphericly sound,a s always, but rather unclear.

Intercontinental Ballistic Babies nuked the big temple thing out of the way perhaps? otherwise I’ve no idea what just happened! :)

Looks to me like they temporarily altered the “river” current enough for the ship to slip by.

Azure has it right. Sorry that wasn’t clear folks. I’ve already altered the text once to make it more clear, looks like I’ll have to do that again.

The babes have plunged into the river, instantly converting back into pure lethe water and temporarily creating a new branch of the Lethe.

Ah now that makes sense with the mention of them being ‘little collections of lethe’

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