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Chapter 7: Page 24

And now, you know why.


Yeah… sorry dude. You’ve got a great imagination, and you know how to tell a story, but killing little ones is something I just can’t tolerate.

Good luck to you, but you’ve lost a viewer.

I was a little torn about approving this comment. Not much point responding to it if the author has supposedly left. Especially if its the author’s first post.

Still I feel compelled to respond to the sentiment. Walking the Lethe isn’t for everyone and this was a particularly brutal sequence. Will there be worse? I honestly don’t know. I’m not going to apologize for the actions my characters take, this is a dark story and the if you are uncomfortable with that then its not for you. Thats just the way it is.

Just remember that the darker things are, the brighter the light is when you find it.

Sooo… this would seem to confirm my theory from chp7 pg7 that the whole deal with the boat was Utos trying to get rid of Richard in a way that wouldn’t activate the mark, thus making Astria break the compact (by Richard not meeting his wife) and temporarily putting her into heaven’s slavery at which point Utos could make her step back into her realm probably sealing the breach behind her.

As an afterthought, if this was all pretty much a detour to send help for Richard (on that note, is Astria always aware of what’s happening to him?) what in hells (well, technically NOT in hells) is her “big” plan? I find it hard to believe it’s just “hang around the mortal realm and have some fun.”

Yep, you were pretty impressively on target, which warmed my heart that yes it was for seeable, but it wasn’t obvious.

I think what I like best about this sequence is 1) Astria only did this as a reaction to Utos actions against Richard (Utos should have known better and as far as I’m considered, their deaths are on his head and I hope he pays for it in interesting creative ways).
2) she didn’t bind them/steal them or corrupt them- far as I could tell she only destroyed the bodies and sent them on a task. It can be assumed that once they are done they can go back to the business of being born.
I am interested in seeing if the lawyer gets released addiction spirit free after this as payment for services rendered, or if she finally is able to pull together the will power to tell Astria “No” and be freed that way. Well- free in that she can go about picking up her now even more shattered and confused life as she choose to or not to.

Telling Astria “no” doesn’t matter. We’ve seen that. Once the “good” lawyer is anywhere that is considered Astria’s “domain,” consent is no longer required.

Hm. Nice tanglement. As undobutedly intended, I am _really_ uncertain who, if anyone, I should be rooting for at this point — except possibly Johnny, who so far is the only individual who seems not to have questionable motives.

Yes, it’s a particularly dark sequence. In her defense, Astria has just reminded us that she sees life and death from a different perspective than mortals… and her own motivations may have slid a bit farther into the grey zone, however drastic the methods she’s employing.

And I’m wondering, as her influence continues to reshape Richard, whether his residue might start influencing her… or whether she too is responding to a loss…

But to respond to the orignal poster’s comment: I’m afraid I really don’t see the death of infants as significantly worse than the death of the adults. Wars have collateral damage. Which is one of the reasons one should avoid provoking them in the first place. If you’d really feel better seeing innocent adults murdered than innocent children, you might want to stop and ask yourself whether there’s ever a clear line between the two categories, and why (outside of our programmed instinct to bond with our own kids) that should be.

I’m not saying the reaction is _wrong_, mind you. I’m just pointing out that it isn’t rational.

And right now we’re still left wondering whether Mr. Done and his charges survived.

Absolutely horrible! I myself have a horrible aversion to horrible events involving small children and the like, and it makes me sad. Even more unfortunate – they can’t move on to the next life or whatever, either, because Astria knows their names and has control over them.

On another note, who is Astria’s daughter?

Also – still feel compelled to keep reading the comic regardless. In addition to Walking the Lethe, countless TV shows (crime shows, I’m looking at YOU) have included horrible traumatic events to children (and adults) but I usually just skip or quickly skim through the horrible bits and move on asap, OR, in this case, hope for a happy ending ;)

Well Robin, I think She is referring to Richard since he/she is changing more and more radically. But of course, I could be completely off

Can’t lose sight of the fact that this is a horror comic. Bad things happen in the horror genre.

Surely, the whole point to any good tale, any person worthy of telling a story, is that it should describe to those listening a world where there are monsters – there is evil. It is only by that can there be any reason to fight it, to strive to do better and in the end to know that there are people who are willing to do anything to make things better.

I’m a parent and I can’t stand to see evil done against little ones – but it isn’t just the killer or corrupter that earns my wrath but those who support a system which allows them to do this in the first place through excuses, politcal correctness and apathy that needs the most attention.

The phrase “the way to hell is paved with good intentions” is so accurate … so many just don’t realise how far along that path they truly are.

I can’t agree with the post at the top of this thread. This is a dark comic. It is not real life, nor an attempt at a representation of it (although in real life too, people are cruel to children).

I also am a parent and have nieces and nephews, so find it difficult to see harm coming to little ones.

However, the inclusion of that scene in this story works to emphasise the evil and develop the atmosphere.

Argent, I hope you do keep reading….

Who would have thought you would need a disclaimer for a comic: “No babies were harmed during the drawing or writing of this comic.” The thought of that actually makes my day:)

I too want to lend my support to Dan. I always knew that this would be a dark story. What with demons and falling angels. The killing of the babies was brutal but is so in keeping with the character of Astria she is one evil bitch and we now want her ass kicked even more. But at the end of the day its only a story. A well written and well drawn one at that

Personally, I despise most forms of new life. I don’t particularly like remembering when I was little, awkward, and lost. Killing off a handful of characters that remind me uncomfortably of parts of myself I’d rather forget is actually quite refreshing.
But that’s just me. I tend to like shattering the taboo.
Also, TechnoGeek: You figgin’ nailed it.

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