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Chapter 7: Page 23

Do you wonder why?  Does it keep you up at night?



Hmmm. Has our fiendly neighborhood demon’s backstory just gotten a bit more complex?

Not really.

She HAd to had been an Angel once, and seeing what she said and did up to now, Love is not so far a Jump.

Still well done though, but thats nothing new either. ;)

I like the last panel of this page.
I agree with Anakha – Astria was once an angel, but something happened. Wonder what her relationship to Utos was?

I really like Astria’s last line. Very poetic but odd when matched with the nuclear meltdown behind her eyes. The glowing eyes of the dead babies in the rubble of panel 4 is also a nice touch.

Hmm, isn’t there supposed to be a comma between “story” and “child,” or is there something called a “story child” around somewhere?

Dan’s not actually been using commas before people spoken to throughout the comic. Made more confusion back when they were calling Rich Once-Man, really. Once you accept it as a style it’s fine.

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