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Chapter 7: Page 22

Don’t tell Astria your name.


Unless there are more explosives elsewhere, and this has *all* been diversion.

Certainly survivable only with magic.

Hm. I wonder whether Astria’s goal here was simply to get her human and ex-human opponents to break their vows not to use supernatural forces…

I hope the babies will return to their respective parents soon *sad* Whether it’s a TV show, a book I’m reading, or the webcomic, always hate it when kids and babies are involved in some horrific scene.

Wait, there were SEVEN sticks of presumably “enhanced” explosives. But only FIVE children got carried out? AGHK! We hae lost two of the wee bairnes.

First time commenter, love the comic.

Final page: The exploding building, it looks like an evil face. The entrance right of the van looks like the mouth and the “windows?” above look like eyes. Intentional?

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