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Chapter 7: Page 21

This is not Done’s day.


What’s in a name? Would a name by any other name still be as sweet? Furthermore, would it be nobler to endure the slings and arrows of outrageous names? Oh name, wherefor art thou, name?

Yeah, that was funnier in my head.

Nine seconds to disarm ONE bomb, and there are numerous bombs on the cribs. EESH, just what was Astria trying to accomplish here. Blowing up the whole hospital didn’t need that many explosives. So why the cribs?

A slap in the face of God, perhaps. “These innocent souls, these you shall not claim. These I deprive you of, for they are not sworn to you, baptized by the blood of your son.”

Or some such. Any way that she can make Utos look incompetent.

If I’m reading this correctly Astria is trying to make room for something? As in, if the kids are “empty names” and she manages to sort of unassign them can something else enter by “taking over” these names? If I’m correct than I assume something specific needs to be done or else every time an infant dies we’d have a demonic incursion (or whatever it is that is going to happen).

I’m still not sure Astira is trying to do more than spread havoc and get Done out of the way long enough that she can accomplish other goals. I wouldn’t be shocked to discover that some or all of the bombs are dummies.

(And he may not need to disarm them all, just get them to somewhere that they don’t threaten life. Which may involve laying his un-life on the line.)

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