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Chapter 7: Page 20

Wendy’s been bad.


One minute she is behind bullet-proof glass (in a hospital??) and the next she has thrown a stick of dynamite at him… I can’t work out the perspective shift for him to have opened the door before she throws it – is that what has happened? In which case, where did the bullet-ridden window go?

Hrrm. Yep that window should have some cracks in it. Ah well. Till then just imagine that Wendy’s head is perfectly positioned to cover the cracks. As for the bullet proof glass, you mean your hospitals don’t have that? Its a standard feature in Boston. Gotta be on the look out for terrorists and baby snatchers after all.

I suspect that Astria wants Done to be done, more than she wants babies blown up, and this is just a rather blunt and unclever (for a supposedly ancient and wise demonic being) diversion, or trap to lure him to an overly gristly end. Of course, it could be about the Improbable Sister Hit-woman, who may have some kind of esoteric knowledge about something involving Creation, that Astria is after for some incalculable reason. She may be trying to influence Teresa, in the vulgar fleshy way, by knocking her off, or in the subtle Byzantine psycho-spiritual way by involving her in an atrocity. If she does want the babies blown up, per se, it may be because she doesn’t want one to grow up to be somebody who may eventually do something she doesn’t want done, which smacks of convoluted determinism. She may also want Wendy out of the way in some complicated fashion. She may also be trying to force Utos’s hand in some manner. Who knows? Anybody halfway normal turns out not to be and then dies for reasons not apparent. It’s getting kind of ove-the-top and unworldly.

The problem with epic stories of the supernatural is that the author runs the risk of investing the story with too much of the ineffable and unfathomable imagined motives of super-beings that leave no room for any connection to real world human thoughts, feelings, and lives in the tale. Godzilla and Megalon are fighting it out in Tokyo. People are dying in the streets and buildings like ants in a stomped anthill but they don’t matter; they’re just scenery. Why Tokyo? Why are the monsters fighting? Where do they come from? What do they want? Who knows? Who cares? Who can even understand? Be careful Dan. Is there a point?

Now I understand where your coming from, I do. And you’ve actually just inspired my next blog post at Open Fire. One does have to be careful against epicness.

That said this story is what it is, the characters are who they are. Astria is EVIL. And I’m not going to apologize for any of that. I love reading everyone’s predictions but please understand your all suffering from the unfortunate tragedy of two pages a week. I know thats painful but I promise it will make sense in the end. Astria has a reason for this, and she’s actually explaining it now.

Also, remember this is chapter 7 of 24. :P

So far, it seems Astra is all about the body count, and everyone but Utos is all about ending “the age of Reason” by any means.

7 of 24?! I totally landed myself on the best, most promising comic I’ve found to date. Dude, thanks a million for being so thorough. So far, this story has eaten up 6 days of down-time at my job. THANK YOU!!!

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