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Chapter 7: Page 2

Richard gets upset.


Oh god, this is getting more exciting in every page… Richard got pretty much more scarier than Gizantha, definitely can’t wait for the next update^^

So. What are the odds Richard did the horrible deed?

Seems to be pretty strongly implied by him flying off the handle in some kind of a rage at somebody who did nothing wrong. What kind of a rage is this anyway? It’s not a friendly rage. Or a frustrated rage. One might go with “murderous”, I think. Yes. Murderous might be the word. :P

Although, Rich does have nice boobies. I’ll give him that. Maybe they’ll get him out of this situation he’s getting himself into.

Huh, Rich turning Demon and starting to burn (both with Rage and literally)…..
I like it a lot, and wonder where it might lead to attack the first murderer (btw: Demon Form of Caine maybe?) with the intent to kill……..

A little info since it probably won’t appear in the comic. Giz was the first angel to strike a blow in the war between heaven and hell. The story goes that Morning Star nearly lost his nerve in the moments before the battle but Giz, (an angel of Anger at the time) seized Lucifer’s sword and struck the first blow of the war. He eradicated his enemies so completely that nobody knew their names or functions afterwards.

So, is Gizantha a “real” angel from christian mythology or something of your own invention? I tried asking google and the wiki, but could not find any references…

I believe I found the name in a list of demons online somewhere with absolutely no details as to his function. So I made them up. Or rather I had the character in my head first and then went looking for a name. Demons and Angels are great because there are huge lists of them out there. Prevents me from sticking them with silly names like Mr. Pointy Head or Scraggly Face Man.

So I wasn’t the only one who thought Rich’s wife met an untimely end by something OTHER than accident.

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