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Chapter 7: Page 18

Listen to ol’ Auntie Astria now.


Soooo… I imagine this is what Astria was after all the time… wonder how these “words of creation” work, do they have specific effects or is it more of a free-form effect…

And silly mortals, doing exactly what the demon wants you to, demonkind are meant to be masters of manipulation but people always go “well, it is within our power, what harm could come from just listening to what it has to say?” Sigh, they never learn…

(SPOILER DELETED) On second thought I’m not going to tell you that.

As for human’s playing directly into the hands of Demons and Angels. Well its really hard to out smart a being that has thousands of years of experience with humans. If the Angel or Demon doesn’t have conceptual blinders, a la Voldamort’s inability to under Harry’s loyalty to his friends, then they should be able to predict a human’s first instinct and responses without too much difficultly. It can be done but doing it without inimate knowledge of the Angel or Demon your up against is a bit like sitting down for your first chess match ever and playing a grand master.

More like playing MahJong for the first time against an expert who cheats and makes up the rules as he goes along.

Just to add a point from another perspective: Playing a chess master can actually become an advantage (not in a real sense, but still..) because in your inexperience you often become unpredictable.

First, let me point out that there are 2 mistakes in this page.
Both in Panel 3: 1st Bubble: Double You`re.
Second Bubble: The Thre of The seven. While this one might be intentional, I doubt it.

Otherwise: interesting. “Jesus Morales” huh?
Also: Soulfire? I hear a certain urban Wizard and his “pet” Archangel cry “Plagiatism!” at that. ;)

Re: typos: Doh those are big ones. I’ll fix them tonight.

Bah, those two soulfires have about as much in common as sword and a poo stick. :P

Oh? So your Soulfire is NOT the “main method of Creation” but something “weaker”?
Good. I was fearing an insanely OP “snack” for Astria…….which she needs about as much as “her” Rick needs another pair of sunglasses.

Shouldn’t it be _a_ mouthful of soulfire?
And in the second frame it might should be a question mark, but the exclamation point works well. Both?

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