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Chapter 6: Page 16

This could take awhile.  How long does it take somebody to walk to the moon?


I have to wonder what it looks like Rich is doing from an ordinary man’s perspective. Floatin about?

Walking about, since the demoness is in his body. This is place of spirits and souls so no viewing by common men.

My first thought was “What the heck is that?!”.
And said thought is still pretty present……

Hmmm.. is that Theia? I mean, if the twin towers were in the beyond, a dead planet could too ;) (Theia is the Mars-sized planet that collided with Earth and was destroyed, the debree throw into orbit resulting in the moon.)

Gotta say, apparently there at one point was a slang expression in the Dutch language which means go away and never come back. Literal translation is (imperative) walk to the moon.

Being Dutch, I can tell you that the expression ‘loop naar de maan’ is still in use.

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