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Chapter 6: Page 9

Ow.  And you might remember T from way back in chapter 1.


Uhm, continuity help? I’ve been reading this since the begining, and I just re-read chapter one and I still don’t know who the lady on the phone is.

Ah, I see! You have not exactly formally introduced Teresa yet. I was under the impression that “TR” in the text messages was some obscure reference to a handle that Utos was using. When “TR” mentions “The Boss” in the text message, I was under the impression that it was Utos, referencing God. Given that Teresa apparently works for Utos, as Done does, it raises the question of whom she was citing in that reference, Utos or God.

I’m guessing the rifle is supernatural seeing as Mr. Done is only human, and this ‘era’ doesn’t seem to enlightened to the ways of demons and such. Also i agree BOOM HEADSHOT
Started reading today, amazing webcomic, you have another fan, i love the art, the story, and especially the interpretations of Dante’s Divine comedy and especially Leviathan.
I also can’t wait to see what Uthos can really do.

I just noticed you don’t have a topwebcomic vote button. That may explain why your masterpiece of a comic only has 6 votes. Is it a principle or an oversiight thing?

Masterful? Thank you very kindly. :D

I’d much rather you share the comic with friends on facebook or in real life! Thats the best way to help us out and spread our dark weirdness to the ends of the earth.

As for the question, its a bit of column A, bit of Column B. Its mostly that Adwarr really doesn’t produce a lot of things that could be used as incentives for the Top sites and without a weekly refresh of incentives you won’t get into the top 20 or so. With out being on the top 20 I don’t think you get much traffic from the sites. Hence I have a hard time justifying the extra effort.

At least one other webcomic (Twilight Lady) uses a partial preview of next week as its only voting incentive, and it seems to do OK…

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