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Chapter 6: page 7

Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduce that terror of the sky, the infinite serpent, the source of life AND death.  Put your hands together for…  THE LEVIATHAN!


Love the way the story’s turning and how Richard develops. How come Johnny’s ears are back on in panels 2, 3 and 4? Didn’t he just rip them off? Or is this part of the upcoming “weirdness” you mentioned?

Thanks Christian. Glad your enjoying the story. As for your question, its neither. As a ghost, Johnny regenerates damage inflicted on his ghost form very quickly. You can see he recovered from another self inflicted injury during his intro in chapter 3. I won’t promise that every ghost is as “rubbery” as Johnny is, its a manifestation of his personality.

Won’t taking the sword out just make the bleeding worse? Oh, wait, it’s an angelic sword of healing! It has to stab to heal! I get it now.

just wondering isn’t a leviathan is some sort of sea creature?…in the sky? it’s awsome artwork man but I think it more like a the chinese dragon the way its body looks and its flying in the sky…..

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