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Chapter 6: Page 6

Johnny and Utos are  not fans of Richard’s death scene performance.


Are there TWO Johny’s in the final scene? If not, then Who’s Johny?

No, it’s just two panels connected borderlessly.

I think the confusion stems mostly from the fact that it’s not clear in the first segment of the panel that he’s gripping his ear to pull it off in the next. Instead it looks like his hand in inside of his head, so it’s not really apparent that he’s about to grip his ear to pull it off.

I saw Johnny putting his hands in his head/ears and then pulling said ears off. Looks like he’s moving/twirling while he’s doing it- which I think is neat.

Indeed. Utos might lack Judgement fromt time to time, but he`s not stupid.
Anyone want some minced Angel?

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