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Chapter 5: Page 3

Cheer up Rich.


Uh-oh… Johnny really got himself into some really deep sh*t… Either Utos will manage to save him, or I congratulate you for having the guts to kill off one of the main characters…
It’s really getting more thrilling with every page!!! Can’t wait for the next update!!!!!

Isn’t it a little bit ironic, to talk about “killing a main character”. I mean, Johnny’s already dead for a while. ;)
Nevertheless, to be ripped apart is not that funny, I think. Even if you’re a ghost. So let’s hope, Utos can help.

By the way, great comic. I like your style.

Actually, I think Johnny made it ALMOST all the way, and Richard heard him scream. He will go back and save him, I think.

I just put it together – she was saying “damn you Johnny” as she walked away, before she was killed – apparently her cashing out their money – the problems with the bank accounts – it had something to do with Johnny, didn’t it? This could get even more twisted than it is already!!

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