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Chapter 6: Page 26

End of chapter 6!


Just found your comic this morning read through all of it in just under an hour lol. Great story and amazing artwork with this entire thing absolutely cannot wait till thursday’s installment.

Thanks! I’m afraid thursday isn’t a comic page, but I hope you’ll enjoy it just the same :D Chapter 7 cover goes up on monday.

I somehow doubt “saw her name carved into the memorial for murdered people on my way to heaven. I was turning into a demon at the time but the ghost of my friend who was with me and the angle leading us can confirm it” is good enough to open an official investigation.

“So this angle that was leading you… Was it acute or obtuse?” the investigator quipped.

To which the client replied, “Nah. He was kinda ugly, and I’m totally not into guys.”

Perhaps this is why johnny killed himself?

Wasn’t that for some “unsolved finanicial problems”?
As pointed out, when he showed up in the Hospital.
Although, it might been just one more reason, for him.

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