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Chapter 6: Page 24

Meet Giz.  The Demon who lives in Heaven.


Holy crap! Gizantha is AWESOME!! But I thought the demons were female, the angels male? Did Gizantha get a gender reassignment when moved into heaven?

Heh. Nah, there are both male and female demons. The sample so far has just been a bit biased. All Angels thus far are maleish? They don’t really have any gender but tend to represent themselves are male. Fun fact: When I first started the comic I was seriously considering flipping Utos into a more female body type just to cut down on the sausage fest that was the Richard, Johnny and Utos trio. I’m glad I didn’t, Utos works much better as a man.

Wow, fantastic art this time (again!).

Also: Angel of Profit. Yay. ;)

Was that the first time Utos was mentioned as the Angel of Profit? If it was that a pretty big oops on my part. Makes a lot click about his character doesn’t it?

Angel of Profit vs. Demon of Greed. A bit heavy handed in terms of symbolism but I still like the dichotomy of it. All depends on the perspective. And Ginzantha’s view on humanity is quite in line with much of humanities vies of itself.

Well, there was ample evidence (the Dollar and Euro Signs in his Halo for example) but yes. First direct mentioning of his title as far as I can remember (and while not perfect, my memory IS pretty good).

No – it has been mentioned before. At least I’ve known since before this page …

And yes – Utos works better as a man. For some reason I can’t bend a female Utos into my mind …

It is an interesting position though as at the moment, this stories line hasn’t any real heros or villains, apart from Richards little dinner party with Pride. Now that section really kicked ass or prodded buttock at least.

I do mention it on the cast page.

Chapter 6 is a bit more introspective than most of the chapters. After dealing with the three sisters we needed a bit of time before [REDACTED] happens. There will be quite a bit of [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] in chapter 7, don’t you worry. You’ll see the evil.

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